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Welcome Welcome to our english speaking customers.

Dear Garden Friends,

To read to following lines, you will only need 1 minute, 20 seconds


I would like to welcome you on my website. My nursery works as a webshop, where you can order your plants. Your order will not be send as a regular mail, it will be brought to your gardengate by my delivery service, wich is completely unique in Hungary.

If you’d like, we can shoot a video or make a photo of your order, that way you can be sure you get what you've ordered. There are many foreign customers from the neighborhood countries that approach us yearly, usually we contact them in english. You can order only in hungarian from my website for now, that’s why I would like to offer you our help. My colleague will guide you through your order and help you to make the choice wich is the best for you.

I would like to introduce my college Sofia Nick, who is happily willing to confirm your order and help you.

Call now or email us.

With best regards,

Szabolcs Megyeri

This is the nursery of Szabolcs Megyeri for English speakers. 

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